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Where do I begin preparing for my move?

Call Riverside Movers and have them prepare an estimate for your move.


Should I do any packing or leave it to Riverside Movers?

We are happy to discuss packing with you and accommodate it to your budget.


How do I make sure all of my belongings are moved?

Itemize everything and make sure we know what is needed to move therefore, nothing is left behind.


How do I know my items are protected?

Read our manual and understand all liability aspects of our services.


What are some tips for moving?

Make sure you contact your local post office and notify them of your change.


How do I know my items are kept safe?

Point out to your packers any extra fragile items.


Any matters of importance with my electronics?

Unplug these items so they are at room temperature on moving day. Including home computers, stereos, anything audio and video.


What are some last minute details?

  • Check storage areas, closets, and cabinets for any left over items.
  • Be on task when your movers arrive to prepare with ease.
  • It your responsibility to be available to make sure all your items are packed therefore, be present when your movers arrive.

What is a last minute checklist?

  • Water shut off?
  • Heating or cooling shut off?
  • Light switches shut off?
  • Are your utilities turned off and sent to your new destination?
  • Are your windows shut?
  • Are your old property keys surrendered?
  • Have you left anything?